My Review of the Vessel P1 electric screwdriver



As someone who loves to try new tools and see what does and doesn’t work, I was excited to find the Vessel P1 electric screwdriver. The small and light design suited alot of the smaller work I did on site as an electrician and at home working on certain things.

I get asked a lot how it compares to the well known Bosch Go electric screwdriver as I have also used this in the past.

I would put them in slightly different categories. The Bosch weighs 310g, is 190mm in length, 40mm width and 40mm high compared to the vessel which is 170g, is 146mm long, 45mm in diameter at the grip. 

These differences did add up to myself as the vessel is a lot lighter and fit better both in my hand and in my pouch. 

The other main difference is the power and torque. The Bosch gets to 0 – 360 rpm and has an adjustable torque setting which ranges from 0.2 - 5 Nm. For the majority of the work I used this tool for I found that I had the torque setting to low. Anything higher and I was just using my m12 impact drill.

This is compared to the vessel which has three speeds which changes the torque. Low: 280 rpm / 1.2 Nm (Medium) 340 rpm / min / 1.6 Nm (High) 400 rpm / 2.0 Nm (Maximum Endurance Torque when Hand Cranking: 12 Nm)

Im also asked how it compares to the Vessel 220USB-1E which is very similar in style.

The differences are that the P1 has 3 speeds which ends up with a faster rpm (400 vs 280) and a higher hand torque (12nm vs 10). The Charging is also different as the P1 is usb c while the 1E is usb B.

The main application of the Vessel P1 driver for myself is terminal screws, light and switch board screws (the driver is not 1000v rated) and other smaller job uses.

The 1\4 inch shank collet takes any 1/4” shank bit including the longer Japanese style which is comes with.

I do think it is a middle step tool between using your normal screwdriver and a 12v drill which I usually use. Ive found it extremely handy for those awkward jobs when trying to tighten lighting terminals or put a light shroud on while holding the fitting up with the other hand. Because its light and compact it fits into those hard to reach spots.


I have enjoyed using the Vessel 220USB plus P1 electric driver so much that I have started to sell them in my store for Australian residents as they are hard to find and get here quick and cheaply.


Follow the link for more information.


  • How does the P1 compare to the Skil SD561201 ?

    Bobby S
  • Hey mate, i see that the vessel isn’t 1000v rated. Does it have any rating? 400v?

  • I’ve used both the Bosch go and the P1 and I can say they are both fantastic tools to have in your kit, they both seem to have comparable battery life for normal usage (terminals and some light fittings ETC) I will say this though, the Bosch go is brilliant to install mounting block and gpos in those tight spaces that you can’t fit a m12 impact into.

  • How long does the charge last on the P1??

    Garry Hallett
  • Hi just wondering if you or anyone have used the height torque Version and if you think it would be any better or the pros and cons to it.

    Thomas Davidson

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